Rail and Piggyback Shipments (Movement) - Car and Van Count
REPORTING OFFICE:  WASHINGTON  MAY 28 2020                                      

RAIL AND PIGGYBACK SHIPMENTS FOR:   WED MAY 27 2020                             

CAR AND VAN COUNT                                                               
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                                                                                WK ENDING       CAR   VAN 
COMMODITY                 ORIGIN/DISTRICT                            MODE       DATE       DAY  CNT   CNT 
------------------------- ------------------------------------------ ---------- ---------- --- ---- ----- 
APPLES                    OR   OREGON DISTRICT                       PB                                1  
BROCCOLI                  CA-C SALINAS-WATSONVILLE                   PB                                4  
                               SANTA MARIA                           PB                                1  
CANTALOUPS                AZ   CENTRAL ARIZONA                       PB                                2  
                          CA-I IMPERIAL VALLEY DISTRICT              PB                                3  
CARROTS                   CA-C KERN DISTRICT                         PB                                6  
CAULIFLOWER               CA-C SALINAS-WATSONVILLE                   PB                                2  
                               SANTA MARIA                           PB                                1  
CELERY                    CA-C SANTA MARIA                           PB                                3  
                          CA-S OXNARD DISTRICT                       PB                               11  
HONEYDEWS                 AZ   CENTRAL ARIZONA                       PB                                1  
LEMONS                    CA-S SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA DISTRICT          PB                                4  
LETTUCE-ICEBERG           CA-C SALINAS-WATSONVILLE                   PB                               16  
                               SANTA MARIA                           PB                                3  
LETTUCE-OTHER             CA-C SALINAS-WATSONVILLE                   PB                                1  
LETTUCE-ROMAINE           CA-C SALINAS-WATSONVILLE                   PB                               12  
                               SANTA MARIA                           PB                                2  
NECTARINES                CA-C SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY DISTRICT           PB                                2  
ONIONS DRY                AZ   ARIZONA DISTRICT                      PB                                3  
                          CA-I IMPERIAL VALLEY DISTRICT              PB                                6  
ORANGES                   CA-C SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY DISTRICT           PB                                3  
PEACHES                   CA-C SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY DISTRICT           PB                                2  
PEPPERS, BELL TYPE        CA-S COACHELLA VALLEY                      PB                                3  
POTATOES                  AZ   ARIZONA DISTRICT                      PB                                2  
                          CA-C KERN DISTRICT                         RAIL                         1       
                                                                     PB                                5  
                          ID   IDAHO DISTRICT                        RAIL                         4       
                          WA   COLUMBIA BASIN                        PB                                3  
SWEET POTATOES            CA-C ATWATER-LIVINGSTON DISTRICT           PB                                4